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How to know a custom made hair piece - OUR MISSION STATEMENT AND 100% satisfaction guaranteed on Hair systems
We at Cindycut International, Inc. sincerely believe that true service may only be achieved through unquestionable business ethics that are exemplified by our pledge to fairness, honesty and integrity in our dealings with our customers. We also believe if we keep the price down and still have higher quality standards than our competitors, more people can afford to have this wonderful hair replacement product. Many Companies claim they are giving you a Custom System when actually it could be a Stock hairpiece off a shelf. Here is a list of ways to know if what you're getting is truly a custom made hairpiece:

 If they can have it to you in 2 to 3 weeks it may not be a custom. This is how long a semi-custom piece takes to make. A custom made hairpiece generally takes about 21-25 days to manufacture in our factory to your exact individual requirements. With all the shipping overseas involved, even a rush order usually takes at least 4 weeks. If it comes any sooner, the hairpiece most likely was pre-made before you even ordered it.

 If it comes pre-cut it was not a custom hairpiece made for you specifically. A correct hair cut must be done on your head for the hair to look like it belongs there, especially when you are blending the hairpiece in with your own hair. Don't let anyone tell you different. Sure some Companies send their units pre-cut and somewhat ready to wear, however chances are it won't look right on your head until it has a final cutin on your head to blend with your own hair. A custom made hairpiece would not be a one


100% satistaction guarantee. With our Cindycut hairpiece guarantee the quality of your custom made hairpiece will meet or exceed the quality of our hairpiece competitors. We guarantee our price to be the lowest for the high quality product you consistently will receive. Our Custom Systems are guaranteed to be made to the exact specifications of the order form or they will be exchanged without cost penalty.


Clean your system with a mild pH shampoo (4.5-5.5).Use cream type conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils. (causes matting in human hair) Be sure to keep the cream conditioner OFF the base of the unit because it can cause the base knots to soften, then hair will fall out. Never brush wet hair, use a wide tooth comb.Not conditioning at all will cause dryness and tangling. Stay away from SD-40 alcohol based styling aids as they tend to dry the hair. Use corn alcohol or grain alcohol  hairsprays. Lace Fronts, full Lace systems or thin Poly Skin units must be treated gently as the base is fragile and hair falls out easily. Therefore this material cannot carry a guarantee/warrantee.


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