Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Cindycut Exclusive
'My Best Hair Weaver'

Cindycut International presents our own exclusive Electric Hair Weaving Machine


A must have for Stylists in the hair replacement business. This is the best innovation in the hair additions Industry since cornrow braids or old wooden spool weaving wall boxes. Used for creating a small track anywhere on the head to attach Hair Replacements, Extensions, Weaves & Hair Integrations.

Hello Cindy, I'm writing you to thank you for taking the time to make the video segments to show stylist like me who are searching for better ways to deliver the best possible outcome for clients who wear weaves, hair pieces, hair extensions or any hair addition....I invested in your Cable  Weaving Machine and taken the time to watch your video  and practice your technique. I have now been using your Cable Weaving Machine to install all my Weaves for only about 3 months now.  I use it at least twice a day an on a good day three times....I am getting the Flawless Flat Weaves iv always wanted my clients to have without the lumps an bumps that I would get  from a braid this is it my client's can't even feel the weave when I ask them to touch it.....I also am getting something I didn’t expect ..because I'm using Your Cable Weaving Machine I have been getting clients with hair loss who now have ask me to help with finding the right solutions for them an I'm now using your training video again to learn to place my first custom order and because of your training I'm able to help them.... I am slowly turning in to a wig salon my Goodness Cindy you have opened my eyes and the possibilities' are now endless thank you for sharing ...I'm going too take this torch you lit and keep it burning.... I'm on fire with Excitement!!!!! Sabrina

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Takes the place of cornrow braids for popular hair weaves, this innovative electric hair weaving machine helps you do your work in half the time while keeping the track extremely small & less detectable!

For women who wear Hair Integrations, this hair weaving machine helps you weave a circle track on the top of the clients head, then a hairpiece is sewn onto these tiny tracks.

For clients who don't want the traditional tape or glue method of attachment for hairpieces, both men and women can benefit from the amazing Electric Hair Weaving Machine.

Because the track is smaller it is less detectable than cornrow braids or other hair weaving methods, and it's faster too, making our Electric hair weaving machine more desirable to the person wearing hair weaves or hair integrations.

The only reason a person would not be able to use this Electric Hair Weaving Machine is if they have no hair of their own to create the weave track line with.

Women love it because they do not have to shave their head.

Your hair weaving machine will not have our name on it!

'My Hair Weaver' Kit $689.00



Electric Hair Weaving Machine Created Exclusively by Cindycut


hair weave machine 




Weave Machine Supplies

'My Hair Weaver' Machine includes everything listed below. Reorder these items individually as needed;

 Weaving Monofilament Line  Hook End Needle  Weave System Sewing Thread
 monofilament  j hook needle  weaving thread
 Mity-Tite .5oz Acrylic Adhesive  Citrus-22 Solvent  Instructional Training Video
 mity tite  c 22 solvent  hair piece video
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