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Replacement Seminar


Are you a Stylist wanting to learn how to attach hair pieces?

Cindycut International is The leading Premier Educator in the field of Hair Replacement. Our 98 Minute Hair Replacement Seminar Training Course on DVD is worth its weight in gold to you and your hair loss clients! If you were to take a different class or hair replacement seminar to learn the material contained in our hair replacement video seminar, you could easily spend $2,000-$3,000. Then you would have to rely upon your memory to recall what you had learned there. Common sense tells us that people learn best from repetition. Being able to watch this professional Hair Replacement Seminar over and over, as well as following along and repeating procedures being taught, insures your success.

Men and women who want hair replacement education and are looking for informative tutorials will love our Hair Replacement Seminar on DVD.    Cindycut is celebrating over 30 years of service. As a premier leading custom hair replacement company we have helped 1000’s of men, women and children deal with their hair loss. The majority of our clients are just like you, looking for education on the web. We can give you the best hair replacement knowledge.


  • Cindycut exclusive 98 minute Hair Replacement Seminar has 3 male models and 4 female models that teach you how to:
  • Make partial and full cap template of the area requiring hair
  • Soft bond method to attach hair pieces for extended wear bonded to skin
  • Hard bond method attach hair pieces for extended wear bonded to hair
  • Combination soft and hard bond methods to attach hair pieces
  • Attach hair pieces w/'My Hair Weaver' Electric Machine
  • Attaching Integrations w/'My Hair Weaver' Electric Machine
  • Procedure to help Trichotillomania sufferers with behavior reversal therapy
  • Hair cutting techniques on new hair systems using a razor and thinning shears  
  • learn hair replacement 

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    This 98 minute training seminar on all Hair Replacement procedures. Using 7 live models we demonstrate detailed Instructions for all the different  methods of attaching custom hairpieces, full cap wigs, Integrations, weaves and bonding, plus cutting techniques for Stylists & how to make templates. The valuable information contained in this video would cost thousands if  attending a live seminar... Why not save time & money, let us teach you all you need to know about doing hair replacement in the comfort of your Salon or home.  

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